Municipal Tools

Municipal Tools

This page provides a “basket of ideas” for Canadian and Ontario municipalities looking to reduce energy use, cut down emissions, lower energy costs and increase the use of clean energy in their communities.


These ideas are drawn from municipal and community energy plans from cities in Ontario and organized by municipal lever (Leading by example, Regulating, Facilitating and Informing/Educating/Raising Awareness), by application (EV, Solar, Building Retrofits, etc) and by Ontario city.


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  • Hire a climate change coordinator
  • Switch lights to a timer and auto shut off switches

Black River Mason

  • Improve organizational understanding of energy consumption, cost and emissions
  • Modify purchasing procedures to incorporate energy efficiency as a criteria for materials and equipment

Central manitoulin

  • Hire a climate change coordinator

kirkland lake

  • Investigate the potential to delevop solar PV on all newly constructed municipal buildings with sound, south-facing roofs


  • Upgrade and renewal of municipal fleet (in accordance of asset management plan)


  • Add energy management to job functions and management procedures

Quinte West

  • Commit to conducting energy audits on all facilities within next 5 years, and repeat regularly
  • Use internal and external benchmarks to monitor and maintain building energy performance

Region of Waterloo

  • Collaborate with local universities to develop local incubator programs for advancing cleantech investments
  • Coordinate with local utilities to upgrade existing processes to better integrate energy considerations into review and approval process for development
  • Designate net-zero neighbourhood and solicit interest from public/private partners for a pilot
  • Develop literacy campaign for municipal, commercial and institutional decision-makers
  • Establish criteria for identifying specific sites appropriate for implementing local energy generation
  • Provide information about existing incentives to building permit applicants
  • Transitioning fleets to electric power or alternative fuels

Severn Sound

  • Develop investment criteria for energy projects
  • Include energy budget accountability into corporate responsibilities
  • Provide training for staff and senior leadership team

Temiskaming Shores

  • Investigate feasibility of electric charging stations at City facilities to bring more tourists into City Center
  • Preferred parking spaces for EV for local promotion to encourage move to more sustainable vehicles


  • Work with Regional and First Nations partners to explore implementation of green energy projects


  • Establish green developments standards


  • Collaborate with Neighbouring Communities to Establish and Organic Program
  • Designate net-zero neighbourhood and solicit interest from public/private partners for a pilot
  • Devel community energy use baselines
  • Integrate Energy Performance Labelling for Homes and Buildings